The Quartets in the Garden🎼 Visual Music

Jo Thomas’s creative Glass Mosaic scluptures and wall art that are framed in copper tubing.

JO THOMAS will show her stunningly creative Glass Mosaic sculptures and wall art that are framed in copper tubing.  

Metal Artists ~~~~~~ MARK BOWEN

MARK BOWEN has a colorful and vibrant, petroglyph-style sculptures that make a statement on a patio or on the ground. 

Metal Artists ~~~~~~ MARK BOWEN - DENISE FRIEDICK  Mark Bowen has a colorful and vibrant, petroglyph

DENISE FRIEDRICK’S rustic iron sculptures sway majestically in the breeze or peer impishly around plants. 

SUSAN RICE‘S fabulous stained glass works are delightful whether hanging from a nearby branch or in your window.

Mark Bowen - Metal Art

Denise Friedrick - Metal Art

Jo Thomas - Glass Mosaic 

Susan Rice - Stained Glass 



4pm to 6 pm


The Place at the Palace will feature garden & yard art during the May 27th Morning Art Walk.  The quartet of visual harmony are: Mark Bowen, Jo Thomas, Denise Friedrick and Susan Rice.  An opening reception will be Thursday,  May 24th,  4:00 - 6:00,   201 N Bullard.  Open 7 days,  10-5

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